Veils – What type suits you?


When the bride has chosen a beautiful gown that fits like a glove, there is often a feeling that something else is missing.

Here we look at veils and how they help to enhance the beauty of the dress and the bride.

guide to veils

Keep in mind the following when shopping for your veil:

► Your veil should complement your look, not compete with it.
► Simple gowns will offset any intricate lace or beadwork on your veil.
► Heavily beaded or laced gowns look best with sheer or transparent fabric veils (silk chiffon, voile, or organza).
► A blusher, a single layer worn over your face during procession, can be added to any veil.

Let’s now look at the long veils!

Waltz veils (also called the Ballet Veil) normally end between the calf of the leg and the ankle. They’re often worn with a double layer, with a shorter blusher at the front.  It’s a beautiful length that doesn’t overpower a delicate or body-hugging dress. Known as a “Walking Veil,”  this was very popular in the 1970’s during the Victorian Revival period.

The Sweep/Chapel Veil

The terms “sweep veil” and “chapel veil” are sometimes used interchangeably, but sweeps often just brush the ground whereas the chapel extends a few inches on the floor.

Dress: The chapel length or sweep veil is a great with a flowy gown with a floor-length train. It looks stunning with multi-layered dresses in organzas, chiffons, and specialty fabrics.

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The Cathedral Veil

Cathedral veils are the most regal and formal of the veils. Often, they’re so dramatic that they attract even more attention than the dress itself. This type of veil makes a definite statement and sets a feel for the bride’s style and tone. The veil typically extends at least one foot beyond the gowns’ train, and it can even go on for more than five yards.

Styling Tips

Dress: You definitely can’t pair a veil that length with a short dress! Stick to the mermaids, trumpets, or ball gowns made of laces, silks, satins.

So get to your bridal boutique, and take your dress with you – or better still buy your veil where you buy your wedding dress and try them both on at the same time, and see how they work together and the view from the back as yo walk down the isle. This should give a beautiful photo opportunity as you glide past.

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